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In this tutorial I teach you how to get started on Google AdWords and how each step is important.

To create a Google AdWords account you must have an e-mail address and a website. If you do not have one, log to and quickly create a new account. If you don't have a website, don't worry, Google offers you a simple solution to online advertising called AdWords Express .

It is important to know that you are going to create a first ad campaign for your site whatever the budget you will spend for this campaign. So get your credit card now! and prepare the title and an attractive description of the ads that you are going to broadcast.

Nb: You can "Skip the guided setup" if you don't want to create ad campaign!

So by creating your Adwords account you will be led to launch a first online advertising campaign on one of the various networks of Google. By the time you write your advertising, you will choose the amount you are willing to pay and the audience you want to target. You can Start with a budget that you’re comfortable with. For example: If you are thinking of a monthly advertising budget, determine a daily amount by dividing your monthly budget by the average number of days per month, or 30.4.

Now, just follow these steps:

1. To begin, Go to: and click on "SIGN IN"

2. Enter your e-mail address and password in the fields provided.

3. Enter your e-mail address and the name of your website. Click on "Continue"

4. In this step you will:

  • Set your budget.
  • Choose an audience:

A. Location: Select the country or geographic locations where you want your ad to appear.

B. Targeted Network: You have to decide where you want your ad to show, on "google search results" or "The display network".

C. The "tags" queries.

  • "Set your bid": You can choose the manual bidding to manage keyword bids by yourself, or simply let Google AdWords manage your bids automatically.
  • Write the title and text of your first ad.

* You can choose to receive recommendations from AdWords by tick the box at the bottom.

Click on "Save and continue".

5. Congratulations you are almost there, you just have to fill your personal information then choose the method of payment.

Tick the box "I agree .."

Click on "Finish and create ad"

Write your ad

Welcome to your AdWords manager account

To resolve any issues with creating or signing in to a Google Account, I invite you to visit this help page on Google: Create a Google Account.

I will explain in more detailed tutorials how the Google AdWords program works, its benefits, and all the updates that relate to this online advertising tool, also known as E-marketing.

Do not hesitate to come back to me for any question about AdWords, by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page, or by message.

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